Reverse Plain & Twilled Dutch Weave

Reverse Plain & Twilled Reverse Dutch weave wire mesh

Reverse Plain Dutch weave wire mesh (RPD)

is woven using two sizes of wire. Smaller wires are used in the warp direction and are woven with a larger shute wire. The smaller wires are woven tightly together, providing a tight mesh for filtering. The larger wire provides strength to the mesh. The primary uses of this wire cloth are filtration and separation of liquid and slurry products.

Twilled Reverse Dutch weave wire mesh (TRD)

Combines Dutch and twill weaving to provide a fine mesh filtering cloth. The weaving process allows for the use of very fine wires, producing filtering mesh for gas and liquid applications. We also provide Herringbone and Broken Pattern Reverse Twill Dutch Weave Products. 

We also offer high tensile warp wire configurations that are commonly used in auto screen changers used in the plastic extrusion industry. 

Reverse Plain Dutch weave wire mesh        Twilled Reverse Dutch weave wire mesh

Hightop Metal Mesh offers custom wire configurations for wire mesh to meet the specific needs of its clients. For Dutch weaves micron-grade wire is most commonly used. In addition, Metal Tec has the capability to manufacture:

1. High Tensile Warp wire for Auto-Screen changers used in the Plastic Extrusion Industry. 
2. Rubbed Edges after slitting to help with tracking for Auto-Screen changers. 

3. Plasma and laser cut parts to help prevent edges wire fraying. 

4. 100% Inspection of Wire Cloth for critical applications such as sand screens and aerospace applications. 

We offer a wide range of metals and alloys to provide the best material or combination of materials for the filter mesh. Contact us today for more information or a detailed quote.

Standard Specifications:

  • 48x10 mesh RPD 400 nominal micron
  • 72x15 mesh TRD 250 nominal micron
  • 132x17 mesh TRD 200 nominal micron
  • 152x30 mesh TRD 115 nominal micron
  • 260x40 mesh TRD 75 nominal micron