Architectural Wire Mesh

Architectural Mesh and Decorative Mesh

If you need architectural mesh and decorative mesh,please contact us.

Hightop Metal Mesh has a full line of woven wire mesh products suited for design and architectural applications. Woven Wire mesh is ideally suited for architectural applications, providing decorative enhancements and functionality. Using architectural wire mesh for your project allows you to enhance your project cost-effectively.

Architectural Wire Mesh

Architectural wire mesh is light-weight. Welded wire mesh offers additional strength and stability to the woven cloth, and can be manufactured with cable, straight and shaped wires for additional design elements. Custom weaves can provide strength for safety as well as security and insulation for sound dampening applications. 

Welded wire mesh can be easily fabricated and shaped to meet the design requirements of your project. The mesh can be woven using a wide range of alloys and in conjunction with other metallic products to provide a dramatic and eye-catching look.

Hightop Metal Mesh can design and manufacture custom meshes to meet your specific application, including traditional and custom solutions for attaching and securing the metal fabric and wire mesh.
Ideal applications for architectural wire mesh include:

  • Security Screens
  • Shade screens
  • Partitions
  • Fill panels
  • Elevator compartments and hoistways
  • Exterior facades
  • Protective grilles, screens and barriers
  • Protective enclosures
  • Store fronts
  • Trellises

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