Wire Mesh Manufacturer

Wire Mesh Manufacturer
Stainless steel wire mesh has been widely used in chemical, petrochemical and oil exploration, transportation, nuclear industry, energy, textile, aerospace, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, paper and other industrial sectors, in certain areas or may not become an indispensable substituted metal material. In addition, the sub-mesh stainless steel and decorative and easy to clean and antibacterial properties, in the consumer sector it has been widely used, such as construction and decoration, kitchen utensils, cutlery, metal and other civil. 

All our meshes are for exportation with a quality of our customers' standard or our minimum standard ASTM E2016-06, we have passed the ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System
We insist on the technology creation and management and conception innovation to cope with the fierce market
competition and changing client needs. Relying on the modernized production equipment and complete quality
control process, we have won the client trustiness and successes in terms of market recognition through perusing
high quality and efficiency of wire mesh production.

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